Menu Category: Beef and Pork

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Spicy Crispy Orange Beef

Honey seared sliced flank steak with fresh orange and chili.

Szechuan Beef Strips (Spicy)

with carrot and bamboo strings.

Filet Mignon

Shang Hai Filet Mignon tossed with portobello, straw and black mushrooms. Served with Wasabi Sweet Potato.
Sa Cha Filet Mignon tossed with mixed vegetables in a gravy with Taro chips on the side.

Tang Soo Korean Style Sweet and Sour

Crispy Beef or Pork

Ginger Pork

Crispy Honey Dipped pork tossed with pickled ginger and kimchi.

Mandarin Pork

The classic Moo Shoo with Cantonese crepes and Hoisin