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Crispy Cod

Crispy wild caught Pacific Cod topped with sauteed Shrimp with fresh vegetables. Your choice of Spicy Tangy Peking or Black Bean.

Jin Jang Lamb

This wildly popular cumin lamb is a flavor match made in heaven. Toasted cumin, sliced lamb, Sichuan peppers and cilantro….yummm.

Beef Chicken ‘n’ Kale

Beef Chicken ‘n’ Kale with Broccoli and Carrots in a Hot Pot.

Sunrise Roll

An exhilarating combination of Maguro Tuna, Tamago, Avocado and Mango Sauce wrapped in Soy Paper.


Traditional, Lychee or Peach. Drink Korean style…I pour you a glass, you pour me a glass, we toast, we drink, and then we do it all again…

Yobo Sunset

Imported Orange Vodka, Fresh Mango puree and a Grenadine Bomb